Since the day we announced Wentworth Con we have been asked if we will be utilizing volunteers during the event, and until now, the answer has always been no.

While we have a full roster for our Event Staff - many of which you met in NJ - we still need a little bit more help in certain areas. And who better to help us improve than you, the fans?

PLEASE keep in mind that because each volunteer is assigned an important role and that role is important to the success of the event, volunteers will NOT be able to interact as an attendee in any way during their shift. This means that volunteers will not be able to attend panels or photo ops. If you are interested in attending photo ops and panels, we recommend that you purchase a ticket and join us as an attendee. THERE ARE NO VOLUNTEER POSITIONS THAT INTERACT WITH THE CAST.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for Wentworth Con,

please view the details in full and apply here: VOLUNTEER APPLICATION